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Fleet GPS Tracking

Fleet business is booming in Canada and so the fleet owners are taking the help of cutting edge technologies to manage and operate their business in a better and efficient manner. One such technology is the fleet GPS tracking systems that are in much demand in Canada. This system is designed taking the support of hi-end technology and user interface features that allow vehicle owners or companies to monitor the activities of their moving vehicles in a hassle-free manner.

Fleet management is a powerful and efficient way to track vehicles on real time basis. It provides real time and historical information on the movements of commercial vehicles. Apart from the monitoring features, the fleet GPS tracking system significantly reduces the costs and makes business lucrative. RAM Tracking has earned repute by delivering high quality and reliable tracking systems. It is very easy to install a RAM fleet GPS tracking system and the configuration is designed to suit the very needs of your business.

How can Remote Asset Management’s fleet GPS tracking system help your business:

Any company that wants to run the fleet business effectively and profitably would find the fleet GPS tracking system the most efficient tool. The system increases productivity, helps in managing fleet in an efficient way, improves fleet utilization, employee satisfaction, improves the customer satisfaction, reduces fuel bills and communication costs. It helps the fleet company to expand the business while complying with the legislation.

Enhance the profitability of your business while monitoring your vehicles.
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“Our fuel bill averaged $10,682 a month. using RAM it's down to $3,900. A 63% reduction. simply amazing.”
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Features of fleet GPS tracking

  • It allows vehicle owners to track the locations, speed and status of the vehicles in real time basis around the clock.
  • It allows users to access reports and maps using the powerful web browser. Moreover, you do not have to install the tracking software on each computer.
  • Data are stored and hosted by RAM servers
  • Pay a fixed fee and we will maintain and upgrade the software and hardware for you
  • Our fleet GPS tracking reports and interfaces are the simplest to use in the industry
  • You can view fleet locations using a comprehensive map or real satellite photographs
  • The tracking system also set alarms and alerts when the vehicle is moved or ‘vehicle entered zone’
  • RAM Tracking also provides training and market leading support for your business

Product details

Using the fleet GPS tracking system is simple and convenient. We adaptly fit a GPS tracking unit in each vehicle of your fleet that tracks positions, speed and other data accurately. It sends the data back to RAM’s hosted fleet tracking servers after every few seconds using GPRS technology on the mobile phone network. The data is then presented to you in real-time using easily intelligible maps and reports that are easily accessible from any computer using an internet connection and web browser.