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GPS Tracking

Are you thinking about how to monitor the fleet of vehicles in an easy way?
It is simpler than you might have imagined. Yes! By installing GPS tracking systems, you can manage your business in an efficient and smooth manner. You do not have to run after your staff to collect data rather access all data just by clicking. RAM Tracking is the Canada’s leading provider of GPS tracking systems to both small and large fleet of vehicles. GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking empowers the fleet manager to track the vehicles in a real time environment. With the help of this system, you can monitor the locations, speed and directions of your vehicles which in turn allows to keep track of the errant behaviour of drivers. It is a real time tracking and it empowers you to monitor the fleet on a regular basis using your laptop or computer.
Delivers accurate information
GPS tracking system from RAM Tracking delivers accurate information on the movements of the vehicles. It delivers information on exact working hours while eradicating timesheet abuse.
Working in Team
This GPS tracking system also helps the staff members to work as a team while complying with the legislation.
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“Our fuel bill averaged $10,682 a month. using RAM it's down to $3,900. A 63% reduction. simply amazing.”
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Benefits to the fleet companies

  • Managing a number of vehicles on a daily basis is a cubersome task which fleet managers understand very well. For such a challenging task, GPS tracking devices emerge as the perfect solution that allow fleet companies to have a comprehensive understanding of the regular fleet operations. It makes possible to monitor a good number of vehicles while reducing expenditure on fuel cost.
  • GPS tracking systems are developed to give a boost to the fleet companies who have a fleet of one vehicle or more. This solution increases the productivity, employee satisfaction, reduces the communication bills and also empowers fleet managers to know how the vehicle was used in the given time frame.
  • GPS tracking devices are developed for versatility. Apart from allowing you to track vehicles, it can be used to store past data of every vehicle including its movements and mileage travelled. Such information proves to be beneficial when you sense imperfection of the data. You can instantly download the data and check the imperfect details.