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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Managing and monitoring the fleet business is indeed a challenging task. But GPS vehicle tracking system has simplified this complication and allows companies to avail real time and historical information of their commercial fleet movements in a hassle-free manner. GPS vehicle tracking monitors the vehicle’s locations and speed, and delivers the accurate details.

It transfers the data from your fleet with the help of mobile phone network to RAM’s vehicle tracker servers. The data are then stored securely and made easily accessible both in real time and history through the online vehicle tracker software.

GPS vehicle tracking systems from RAM Tracking are designed and developed taking the support of cutting edge technology and capable of delivering a 500-1000% return.

The installation of this vehicle tracker is simple and easy. As it allows users to track their vehicles and delivers accurate data, it help the fleet companies comply with the legislation while functioning efficiently. Because of its simplicity and accuracy, more and more fleet companies are now opting for this amazing vehicle GPS tracking system.

Increase Profitablity

It is also cost effective and it simplifies the human efforts and saves time which in turn increases the profitability. Many fleet companies have found that their business profit have soared impressively after they have opted this GPS vehicle tracker. This vehicle tracking system reduces the critical paperwork completely, thus avoiding confusions and eliminates misinformation that might cause embrassments to customers, suppliers and the Inland Revenue and other authorities.

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“Our fuel bill averaged $10,682 a month. using RAM it's down to $3,900. A 63% reduction. simply amazing.”
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Benefits of RAM GPS vehicle tracking systems:

  • Eliminate the unnecessary paperwork processes
  • provide precise business and private mileage
  • deliver accurate travel timings and distances
  • ensuring the exact working hours
  • reduce the invoice queries

GPS vehicle tracking increases profitability while improving the working practices and eliminating the unproductive related costs. The system efficiently reduces the fuel expenditure, phone bills, eradicating timesheet fraud, cutting invoice queries and strengthening customer relations.

Enhance Team Work

RAM vehicle tracker system also paves way to work in unison while delivering benefits and security to customers, suppliers and staff. As it empowers to distribute work evenly, it directly improve operations and enhance team work.