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Truck GPS Tracking

Truck GPS tracking system is the next big thing in the fleet industry. Transport companies are considering this technology powered vehicle tracker system to monitor their trucks’ locations, speed and directions around the clock in a convenient way. It empowers the fleet companies to derive accurate data of their vehicle, reduce fuel expenditure and propel the productivity of business.

The truck GPS tracking system is designed and developed for any company with a fleet of one or more trucks. RAM Tracking is the leading provider of truck tracking systems to small or start-up fleets of vehicles. We provide this contrivance at no upfront fee and made available for your business at nominal monthly price.

At RAM, we offer high quality GPS truck tracking systems and GPS software packages at highly competitive price. The tracking system enables the fleet companies to monitor what their vehicles and drivers are in real time using state of the art satellite mapping.

Truck GPS tracking system also empowers you to comply with the legislation.

Increase Profitability

RAM’s truck GPS tracking system provides accurate data on private mileage, travel times and distances. Besides allowing fleet companies to keep a track on the trucks, this innovation enhances the working practices of the employees which in turn increases the profitability and reduce the unnecessary business related costs. It significantly reduces the phone bills, drive down fuel bills, reduce customer complaints and empower the company to achieve 100% management control on its workforce.

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“Our fuel bill averaged $10,682 a month. using RAM it's down to $3,900. A 63% reduction. simply amazing.”
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Benefits to the fleet companies

  • Truck GPS tracking systems provide umpteen benefits to the fleet companies along with providing accurate data. It is capable of providing real time and historical information pertaining to the fleet movements. The GPS vehicle tracker data is transferred from the fleet to RAM’s vehicle tracker servers through the mobile phone network around the clock conveniently.
  • Our reports and interfaces are the simplest to use and demands less maintenance. We supply the product at a fixed price that includes warranty, technical installation support and service. The data are stored by RAM servers, so you do not have to bother about storing or losing the data. You can easily access the data using internet connection or the web browser.
  • GPS truck tracking system is designed with user friendly interfaces that allow staff to work consistently and in congruity. With the help of this tracking system, work can be distributed evenly and allocate best placed engineer for response work. It is developed to reduce the paperwork and personnel fatigue, boost job security and strengthen customer relations. The tracker enables the staff to track the trucks and store the data securely that can be retrieved later with the minimum effort.